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Zernovka's attempt #1

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What´s your nickname(s), age and Location :

Well, Hi to everyone,

I've never written an introduction before but here we go.

My name is Nicolae and my last name is Florea,my nickname in game is Zernolito, im well known as Zernovka,im 15 years-old from Republic of Moldova, currently im living in a city called Causeni.

I can speak 3 languages (Russian, Romanian and of course English),i consider myself as friendly and nice to others.I love video games,reading books,and sometimes im hanging out with my close friends,and to play football.

 How long you've been in MTA : (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) 

I started this game since 2013,more specifically in DM,i first started in DM server called xE in sa:mp, you may think that's not the same as MTA,but i can assure u that xE has the same maps as in any other DM servers in MTA and also the same gameplay.

After sometimes i switched to MTA,one of my cousins recommended me to play that game,

and yeah, i was searching for good server, and finally i found server called -FFS-( For Fuck Sake)

i was playin on this server since the end of 2015,i had great time together with 

@Troooy:) and some of my friends,i got bored, and @Troooy:)told me about 3R,i was damn happy cause this server was so cool,a lot of gamemodes, a lot of players. After sometimes i wanted to try my luck, and applied for them,i got accepted from my first try. After sometime i got kicked(if u are gonna read the next question u will know why)

I started to be an clan hopper till i joined mP'(Master Players)i had great time there too but our 4iM leader got kicked,without any reason,and everyone left (4iM members)


 Have you been in any clans : (Name them and mention the reasons you left):

3R// 3lite Racers (kicked i had problems with the leader)

mP' Master Players (kicked,inactive)

4iM // For Incredible Motion( got merged with mP)

M! Maelstrom (it was a really good clan,and it's still  good clan i still believe in them,i left because i want to try my luck at Intravenous)

i have been in more clans , but i forgot them.

Why you'd like to join Intravenous : (Tell us a few reasons why you want to join us.)F

First of all this community seems a family in my opinion.

There's a lot of respected.

Friendly team mates!

Active members.

 How can you help our community : (Self-explanatory)

As i mentioned in the previous question, i want to join this family because it's a family, And i actually want to be a part of this family, Which's gonna be the best clan i've been.

 What gamemode do you prefer : (DM / DD / Shooter/ etc.)

Well i realized that's this community  doesnt have enough wff players, So i decided to join this team, And i will try to make this clan grows up as much as i can.

 How can we contact you : (skype, discord, facebook.)

 Additional information : (Add something here that you think will be useful to help us to decide for you.)

Im lil bit bad at the moment, cause i was inactive for 4 months, the reason was that i had problems with school,exams and other shits.


Best regards,



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