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Join Request from LASTI!

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What´s your nickname(s), age and Location :


My nickname is LASTI, I am 17 years old and i come from Germany ( North-Rhine-Westphalia )




 How long you've been in MTA : (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) 


I've been playing MTA for 5 years and got to know it through friends. We played

together for years on a german reallife server called Vice Reallife. When it became

too boring for me, I learned mapping myself and played mainly on Vice Race. Since I

was one of the best, I became Co-Leader of the server. Unfortunately that got boring

too, so I took a longer break from MTA. When I came back, I played a longer time on

Xtream-Reallife just before it was closed. After that, I lost the desire for a server, so I 

learned myself how to use designer programs too. Furthermore I learned a little bit to

scripting. At this moment, I am playing on Exo-Reallife but I am thinking becoming inactive.

Then I came across the project here by chance and thought it was something for me.




 Have you been in any clans : (Name them and mention the reasons you left):


I'm always thinking if it makes sense to join a team.

That's why I was only in two teams. One of the two teams was Vice Race as mentioned above.

The other was Secret-Race. Both are German servers. The reason why I went was always the same.

I had no interest because the team was not structured and professional.




 Why you'd like to join Intravenous : (Tell us a few reasons why you want to join us.)


I would like to join you because I am very interested in a structured and professional team.

I also want to help create variety.




How can you help our community : (Self-explanatory)


I think I can help because I have already gained a lot of experience in all areas in the last 5 years.

I am also very active and loyal. Furthermore, I am not easy to provoke.

In my opinion I write as good as faultless German.




 What gamemode do you prefer : (DM / DD / Shooter/ etc.)


I prefer DM but i can play SHOOTER and DD very well too.




 How can we contact you : (skype, discord, facebook.)


You can contact me on skype, whatsapp, discord, and teamspeak.




 Additional information : (Add something here that you think will be useful to help us to decide for you.)


As mentioned above I can do designs and portfolios.

I wouldn't have a problem doing something for you or teaching you something.

Thanks for reading my application.



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