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Join Request from KroneX

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Posted (edited)

+ Your nickname in the game

+ What´s your nickname(s), age and Location
My name is Giuseppe and I live in germany No nordrhein westfalen-
my hobbies are chilling with my friends and playing PC games like CSGO , Fortnite & MTA.

+  How long you've been in MTA /Clans
i am playing this game since the end of 2009, at the first i was playing freeroam then i found the race
i've played  DM on the server GGR / German Green Race It was a great server for this moment.
but German Green Race has been closed. after german green race i played a long time  on other servers.
at the end of 2011 i found german blue race. The server and the maps was bad but i played a long time on this server
I found many friends on German Blue Race like Dice, TimeZ, ShiiFuu, S3VARL0TH, and more.
 after German Blue Race TimeZ  told me to go on the server Planet Race 
i played more than 6 months on Planet Race. S3VARL0TH told me to join Bloody Race
after 4 months playing on Bloody Race i joined  Bloody Race  it was really amazing to play there
after some months  the clan accepted only (retards) so i decided to leave Bloody Race.
I made my own clan called sT seventh Try. I had my clan 7 months. but i close it because all members was inactive.
I found the server KekZ Gaming it was a lot of fun to play there.
x3Junkyx2 (KekZ owner) said try to join KekZ. after 2 weeks i was accept in KekZ
after some months i decided to leave KekZ because i was inactive (my pc was broken)
after KekZ Gerox and me reopend FfY Fight for Yourself but after some trouble FfY has been closed
I made my own clan with Panik called TSR The survivers of the Race
I leaved the clan after 3 weeks because Panik invited only kids.
after tsr I saw that sT was reopened by Kaffee6 (Brabus)
I made a jr to sevent Try after  2 weeks i got accepted.
after 4 months being sT i decide to leave the clan because everyone was inactive.
2 weeks later i joined the clan ftf Fuck the Future.


+ Why you'd like to join Intravenous
i would like to join iV because this clan seems to be one of the friendliest clan in this whole game.


 +What gamemode do you prefer

I do prefer DM but i can also play DD.

+ What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team
As you may know i have a pretty good DM skills and may i can help in clanwars.


+ How can we contact you


I hope you enjoyed my join request

Best Regards KroneX 

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Just now, KroneX said:


But copy & pasting a Join Request is okay for you ? It doesnt really matter in which clan you both were together.



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8 minutes ago, KroneX said:

Okay  i  write  a  new  JR  only  for  you .


Great, but this time without copy & paste, thanks


- Luxy.c

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