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Found 1 result

  1. Coronet

    Coronet's Join Request

    What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : - Hey there! My name is Victor also known as Coronet in-game. I'm 21 years old living in a small village in the city Orel. Currently i'm playing computer games and watching anime movies. Besides that, I graduated from college as a public worker a year ago. Well, I'm friendly and responsable person. My main priorities are based on looking for mature behaviour at forum and in the server. How long you've been in MTA : First, I started playing SAMP on different servers but SAMP was boring for me and I started looking for something similar to GTA with multiplayer and found MTA. I started playing MTA in 2011. The very first server of my career was Ownage Owls. I was impressed with DM mode and started playing it. Then I found Twisted Gamers server and joined the clan, I liked the TG atmosphere very much back then. A few months after started learning mapping and finished my first map. After 2 years spent in TG I decided to leave simply because lost interest. The next clan was Zurio. I was glad when I got accepted into this clan, most of the clan was filled of professionals in their own matters but unfortunately the clan closed. The next clan was Empire of Riders. I stayed in it awhile but the founder decided to close the clan a few weeks after but it was nice to meet new people there. The last clan I've been in was Unlimited Power, met interesting people there as well with whom still having a good attitude with them now. After the clan closed, I've been inactive because of work. Have you been in any clans : Twisted Gamers//Left-(There was no activity on the part of developers) Zurio//Closed Empire of Riders//Closed Unlimited Power//Left/Closed Why you'd like to join Intravenous : - My choice is simple, forum looks nice and modern. I can say about the intentions of the clan, I want to be a part of this community and help any way I can and do everything possible to help. I'm always able to help with designs. How can you help our community : - Well, as an experienced designer and creative person with good imagination I can help you to make new designs. I'm not bad at mapping too though. What gamemode do you prefer : DM How can we contact you : Discord/Coronet#8924 Additional information : (If you want check my designs msg me on discord) Thank you for reading.