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    What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : SymoN (Simón Lancellotti), 20 years old, from Argentina. How long you've been in MTA : I started playing MTA right in 2011 because i was a GTA:SA fan and i remember that i seen an adsvertisement about GTA ONLINE (''Wooooow'' i said) so i downloaded it with my 256 kbps Internet, LOL. so my first look in MTA was DM and always has been DM, when i joined in a random server without knowledge about what the fuck i was doing i just seen Vortex v8 and flying cars and a really awesome song and people writing and having fun and i just said, I WANNA PLAY THIS SHIT. Have you been in any clans : i have been in many clans, to be honest i don'r remember all of them but i can name some: my first clan was Social Gamers, Hell that was my favorite DM server (Ravolt was there, one of my favorite mappers), later in the future, to be exactly, 2-3 years, i joined in >VIP< but just some Weeks, it was really fast, so i joined in LxG for a short time and finally i knew Naval and he made me know XpR, i have been in xpr for more than 5 i think. Why you'd like to join Intravenous : I can't lie, i wanna be part of a clan with many strengths in Scripting and Staff, and i see it here. How can you help our community : I won't say that ''i can do maps for iV'' because i do maps for MTA Community so i will never make an exclusive map, that's not my goal. I can help to find weak points and fix them, i am a big connoisseur of the Audio-Visual Area, because i am studying CINEMA and TV so you know.. i love audiovisual and cinematic things. I can stream events if it is needed, my pc make me able it. But most important of all, I know how to maintain order and good manners in a server, if I want I can generate incredible changes and I have a lot of experience moderating any area and doing my work, if I propose to be the best in something, without doubt I can achieve it. What gamemode do you prefer : DM all the life. How can we contact you : Skype: simon.lancellotti ||| Discord: #7364 ||| fb: Simón Lancellotti Additional information : If everyone pushes forward, I will do it with all my strength

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