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  1. Dropping on the new year, i come to show you a new map where i'm placed too, this time teemed up with greats & experienced mappers like CooL , NoType & SupRime
  2. My first map ! There is no awesome comments, becaue it was my first attempt to mapping scene, maybe there is many mistakes and bugs ! The first one never forgets
  3. Banshee is an experienced mapper, who has years on the meta, i was so happy when the contacted me for finish this masterpiece, he wanted a guy who keeps the oldschool style but has how to make a proper track without issues! I don't know really with Banshee called this as Trust Issues
  4. Hello there, Bc is a oldfriend who get back into the mapping, he spoken to me the wishes to make a new map, but this with something special, mixing the new school style with low touches of the oldschool. Thenico and Yukihira join us after several months of work. They took the responsability to continue with the same style. Rapid Sensations brings a new feeling of driving motion! We're proud of our creation!
  5. Hello community! today i come to show you my lastest map, the name is "Dementia", we wanted to bring a smooth atmosphere while you're driving on it! I hope you enjoy it watching! My parts start oin00:59 seconds until 01:42(track) Deco starts in 00:59 until 02:22
  6. The forum seems pretty good! Good job guys

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