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    1.What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : Hello my name is Hamid, my nickname is #M4L3Z!^,I am from Russia,I am 15 years old and spend more time at the computer, play games 2.How long you've been in MTA : My story begins with the fact that I was a simple boy who did not understand what the MTA,Yes,I could not even understand how to install it,it was in 15 year.I started watching different videos on YouTube, then I realized how to install MTA,my first server was SKC,I liked it all I found there my friends from real life, and found new ones.In 16 year I moved on BPAN,I has been stymied on different server, on all servers BPAN I spent 1 year.At 17, I got the BPAN and I started looking for DM servers.I found Secret Race, I really liked the server and I started looking for something like a forum,and I still found it.I watched various topics on the forum and found a Join Request,I didn't know what it is and started to ask the leader(Futoro).He explained that this application for admission to the clan,then I started writing all that was in the form of the attach request.I was accepted and I spent in this clan for only 3 months(for me it is very little).I started looking for new servers and found TfF.He spent less than 4 months on it.Now same I found \\V(Vultaic) and play on it every day. 3.Have you been in any clans : SR|Secret Race|Kicked|Member. ReV//Revenge of Racers|Closed|Member. -sH//Shimmershade|Closed|Member. nG//National Gaming|Left|Member. 4. Why you'd like to join Intravenous : I just need a clan.I am very positive.I like your clan.I want to get acquainted with the clan and its members. 5.How can you help our community : I can help with problems (to a greater extent something to suggest or explain) 6.What gamemode do you prefer : DM,HDM. 7.How can we contact you : Discord:M4L3Z!^#3893 Skype:live:nexachikx

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