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    What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : My Name is Niclas, mostly known as xNiclas or addicted. I'm 17 years old and currently live in Munich, Germany. How long you've been in MTA : (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) I started my MTA career in 2014 and it was on an Freeroam Server called German Public, as a friend of mine showed me this server. From the beginning till the end of 2015 I strictly played it and in November I switched to Reallife/Roleplay servers which I'm still playing. I took a break of 5-6 months. During this break I started playing on servers like ffs or any other Multigaming Servers. During this time I learned how to play DD and I enjoyed it very much. Have you been in any clans : (Name them and mention the reasons you left): I haven't been in any clans, I hope it doesn't make any difference. I would be honored if I could name this clan as my first clan. Why you'd like to join Intravenous : (Tell us a few reasons why you want to join us.) I would like to join the clan because many of my friends are already in it and I really like the concept of the clan. How can you help our community : (Self-explanatory) I am an active and loyal player, I like to help people with problems and try my best to solve them. I would also be willing to help if a DD-Clanwar team comes along. What gamemode do you prefer : (DM / DD / Shooter/ etc.) I have already gained experience in DD, I also have some experience in DM but am still learning about it. How can we contact you : (skype, discord, facebook.) Discord: Nıcʟαƨ. ✔ #0422 Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook on request. Additional information : (Add something here that you think will be useful to help us to decide for you.) I won't say that I am perfect. I am kinda straight human which a lot of people might not like. I never will refuse in helping (if it's not impudence). Thanks for reading my Join request and i hope for a positive response. Kind regards, Niclas.

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