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  3. Hey everyone, we hope you already enjoyed the time in our Discord and we are glad that you guys are here, about the latest news of Intravenous, we have done much things in the last few days. We worked much on our Forum within the last time, made several changes and fixes so it's mainly Userfriendly and easy to use. Here are the main changes: - We changed the Logo to a new style which was made by @DaXx - Some things were fixed such as: + The Follow Button is now Visible on Profiles + Private Messaging Button is now Visible on Profiles + Forum Posts are now responsible + Performance Optimization + Remade Button Colors and looks + Links do have Hover Effects now And much more, you can view all the actuall Forum Issues and their Fixing States here: User who have been Accepted: The votes for our Join Requests have been done, and we are glad to congratulate @SymoN, @Brandy and @Coronet for beeing accepted in our Clan. Leavings and Kicks: Sadly, as it happens in every Clan sometimes, we had to face some leavings and were forced to kick some Members due to the reasons mentioned below. - Toxa# Kicked due Inactivity. - Shelby left due to the fact that his Rank was decreased back to Trial due to his Inactivity and a lack of intrest from his side. Other Things Our Member @DaXx worked on our Personal MTA Menu Skin in a decently unique Style which can be used in it's actuall state already, it'll be updated over time. Here is your download link: Download That's all for now, we hope you enjoyed reading and that you're happy about the Progresses we are doing within such a short time. Best regards The Intravenous Developement Team
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    [DM] BR!GHT v5 - Uncharitable II [SKATE MODE]

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