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    Faker Join Request

    Can you explain the Logic?
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    Yami Join Request <3

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    ShondeX Join Request UwU

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    Zernovka's attempt #1

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    Intravenous News #2 | Updates and Recruitment

    Congratulation new Slaves
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    TroyBo!'s Join Request

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    [DM] BR!GHT v5 - Uncharitable II [SKATE MODE]

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    Join Request from LASTI!

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    Known Forum issues

    On this Thread below you will be see our known Issues with the Forum and the state during the development phase DATE 01:05:2019 Issue Reported by Status Follow button is not visible on profiles @addicted Fixed Private Messaging button is not visible on profiles @Rul3zZ Fixed Forum comments are not responsible @Rul3zZ Fixed Change User Navigation bar layout @Rul3zZ Unknown Optimize performance (FPS drops) @Rul3zZ Fixed Former Members list is not responsive @Rul3zZ Pending Editor styling for Internet Explorer, Firefox, ... @Rul3zZ Pending Gallery is not fully responsive @Rul3zZ Pending Refactor button colors & look @Rul3zZ Fixed Black arrow when someone writes something on user profile @Luxy.c Fixed Some links doesnt have a hover effect @Luxy.c Fixed Editor: text padding @Luxy.c Pending Profile comments should have a background aswell @Luxy.c Unknown Reputation background rounding is to much & colors @Luxy.c Fixed Thread userinfo is not responsive (text to large ?) @Luxy.c Pending Profile page has a dot (from UI list ?) underneath the cover photo @Luxy.c Fixed Profile "x content" button is blank @Luxy.c Fixed Black arrow when someone writes something on user profile @Luxy.c Fixed User Reputation page has a white button (https://intravenous.eu/profile/1-rul3zz/reputation/) @Luxy.c Fixed Profile "Edit Profile" button has some white captions @Luxy.c Fixed Messenger: "Compose new" button doesnt have any hover effect @Luxy.c Pending Grey hover effect on some links / buttons (they look kinda uggly) @Luxy.c Fixed Disable autocompletion for Search input text @Luxy.c Fixed Make Searchbar text input larger @Luxy.c Fixed Header logo has "display: block;" property which is awkward @Luxy.c Pending Forum Board: Category name & "Start new topic" button @Luxy.c Pending Some pages doesnt have a background while others have one (inconsistene) @Luxy.c Pending Gallery: colors @Luxy.c Pending input fields & boxes are white @Luxy.c Fixed Profile "Edit Profile" button has some white captions @Luxy.c Fixed Website main scrollbar sometimes have a white rectangle on bottom right (resizer) @Luxy.c Fixed Chatbox: grey background when mentioned @Luxy.c Fixed Profile Reactions Border White Color @Rul3zZ Fixed Attatchment Function Redesign @Rul3zZ Fixed Sub-Forum Icons are not visible @Rul3zZ Fixed Editor Tables are not Resonsible @Rul3zZ Pending Polls Redesign @Rul3zZ Fixed
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    Join Request - addicted

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    Join Request from KroneX

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