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    What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : Hello, My real name is Mohammed, Also known as TroyBo!,I was born in the 12th of June 2006, Im 11 years old joining 12, i'm from Israel, I was born in a city called Nazareth, But now im currently living in a small Village called " Ber-Al Maksur - Mukman ", My favorite hobby is swimming. How long you've been in MTA : I don't know from where i should start, Okey, I started to play this game since 2013, I started to play in Freeroam server, FaF & Tokyo Drift and etc..., Days on, I got bored from these servers, and i decide to move to another server, then i moved to -ffs- [For Fuck Sake], I started to play in the " PTP ", Day by day, Also i got bored from it, then i moved to the Shooter gamemode, I felt happy because of the new gamemode, I started to play Beta, I was such a newbie, I didn't know how to shooter and etc..., days on, i learnd some, i became good, months ago, i became a pro at shooter, And then i decide to move to the DM [DeathMatch], I was camping always to get a win & pints , One day i tried to play well, But useless.. Then i started to train hard, day by day, Im getting better and better, after months, i became a real dm'er, Then my cousin told my brother about server called 3R [3liteRacers], And then i got banned from -ffs- because of sharing accs with my cousins & brother, And then i moved to 3R, And i learnd about dm more and more and more, then i moved to US|' after months i left and moved to aQ and im clan less for a long time. Have you been in any clans : 3R - 3liteRacers - Leave - Problems with the leader - 2016 - 2018 aQ - Anaqueza - Leave - the clan is dead - 2018 - 2019 there is many more but forgot Why you'd like to join Intravenous : because i`m a clan less for a long time and i like to join to this clan because i liked it too much many things too. How can you help our community : i can help you on clan wars and i`m a small montager on yt. What gamemode do you prefer : DM - HUNTER. How can we contact you : skype : sti.hoje12 - discord : Disaster#3476 Additional information : i`m good player at Dm and hunter i`m mgm player too, if you want to make a squad i can help -Troy
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    Don't want to bump the thread or anything, but I keep seeing you creating an application for every new community, and close it after few days or so, simply because they don't respond earlier, every single time, and let's be honest, you've mentioned only 2 clans, and said that your forgot the rest, but I'm pretty sure that's not true. You do that every single time, wish I had the time to check every forum in MTA, and check all your applications. Even if Intravenous gives you a chance to join them, I'm 100% positive that you will leave few days after, that's what you always do. You might see this comment as a way to hate, but trust me, it is not, take it more as a lesson. Best of luck.
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    Welcome everyone ! Before writing an Join Request you should be aware that there are certain requirements you should follow in order to be accepted. Requirments: Don't use a translator in your Join Request we'll notice that. english is one of the most important things in our clan. One of the other most important things is loyalty, we are a family and we will always stay together. If you try to push your Join Request you will be declined immediately, we will not tolerate such things here. Patience is very important, it can always take a while until we accept new recruits, so please be patient and don't ask every day when the new recruits will be accepted. If you write your Join Request you must use this format, otherwise you may be declined. Format : What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : How long you've been in MTA : (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) Have you been in any clans : (Name them and mention the reasons you left): Why you'd like to join Intravenous : (Tell us a few reasons why you want to join us.) How can you help our community : (Self-explanatory) What gamemode do you prefer : (DM / DD / Shooter/ etc.) How can we contact you : (skype, discord, facebook.) Additional information : (Add something here that you think will be useful to help us to decide for you.) Once your application is posted it can always take a certain amount of time until votes start to accept new members, which means that some may wait longer than others.