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    Welcome everyone, the Intravenous Team wishes you all a Happy New Year. With the start into the year 2019 we now announce our first news with all important informations about our clan and the future of the clan. Intravenous was founded on 25th November 2018 by @RockZ!, @Rul3zZ and @LiXuZ. The main goal of our clan is to be innovated, to support the community and listen to their wishes. To make these things possible, we created a team that does its best. It is our team of developers consisting of @Luxy.c @Rul3zZ and @DaXx. We are glad that @Luxy.c and @DaXx decided to join our clan to to achieve our goals. With their help we started to create a selfmade Forum-Design, and already have started to create our own Server that will attracts many people. We are happy to introduce you to our current clan members. Who supported us as much as they can when we started this clan. @RockZ!- Founder He will be the head of the community, he will take care of the users and help them with their problems. @Rul3zZ - Founder He is one of the developers, he will make sure that Forum is always up to date, and he will support Luxy.c as good as he can. @Luxy.c - Developer He is our main developer, he will mainly take care of the server and the Forum, the script in general and will take care of future ingame updates. @DaXx - Developer - His job will be to modify the vehicles, due to him we will have the opportunity to customize our vehicles on the Server, he's also helping luxy.c. @scorex - Member One of our members we can be really proud of, he was willing to help us with designes and server stuff. @HaptiiC - Member One of our members who has already proven that he is loyal and belongs to us. @Vans# - Member He is one of our members who will manage the Discord, he has already proved to us that he has what it takes to be here ! @Shelby - Member One of our members who has already proven that he is loyal and belongs to us. @GenJ - Trial He already proved to us that he has very good driving skills, he will help us with future clanwars. @FlinT# - Trial He's currently trial-Member, he will have the chance to prove himself, but we are confident that he will fit in perfectly here. @ToXa#- Trial He's currently trial-Member, but he will still get the chance to prove himself. We are good things that he will fit in very well here. With the forum we bring you Intravenous 1.0 a selfmade design created by @Rul3zZ and @Luxy.c. The forum brings you a Dynmaic Clan-Roster as well as a Dynmaic Former-List. We would also like to introduce our Intravenous-Bot which currently has only limited functions. In the near future it will be able to edit / create posts on its own. It will help the Intravenous Team to do some of the work, if they are server-side events or announcements. And we are already looking forward to it when it is ready. In the near future there will also be archives which can be earned ingame as well as in the Forum. Which you can then display in your profile. It's also planned to bring the statistics of our server to the forum to create a ranking list. Currently there is still a small issue with our mail server, it could happen that the emails you get will be considered as "junk emails", we are trying to solve this issue as soon as possible. About the server itself we don't want to say much yet, it will of course be a Multigamemode. The server will also have a fully functional garage in which you can edit everything on your vehicle. and we hope everyone will like it when it's done. At this moment we are still working on the server, but we won't give any information yet when the server goes online. Be patient, it'll be worth it . We are happy to announce that our Join Request status is now open, take your chance and maybe you will soon be a part of Intravenous. Good luck everyone ! We wish you all a Happy New Year, and we'll see you again at the next news !
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    What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : My name is Martin, in-game AreliX. I'm 14 years old, I was born in Hungary but I currently live in Germany, near Rosenheim. How long you've been in MTA : (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) : I've found this game in 2014,in these years I played only on fun and DD-FDD servers.In 2016 have I found gamemode OSDM where I got interested playing more MTA.In beginning of 2017 I started playing DM on a Hungarian DM/DD server, I liked very much playing there, I found there some friends, there started everything in gamemode DM.In this time I joined the first DM clans, but one of these was unofficial, therefore I left from them.In these days I play mostly on Vultaic, NxR and sometimes ffs. Have you been in any clans : (Name them and mention the reasons you left): xTreme Force [XF] (Member, Closed) The clan got closed. Skilled Gaming -sK- (Trial, Closed) The clan got closed. Awesome in Races /AiR\ (Member, Left) I left from there, cause of a privat reason but I don't remember it. Skillers Crew Sc* (DM-Squad Leader, Left) Privat reasons. PM me if you want to know it. Gladiators of Darkness [GoD] (Member, Left) The clan was very inactive,so I left. Unlimited Power UP| (Trial, Left) I don't saw the place me in this clan. AnaQueza! aQ! (Member, Left) See Additional Information. Why you'd like to join Intravenous : (Tell us a few reasons why you want to join us.) : Since the clan got founded, I have to interest to join to this Community. The members are friendly, skillful, and I can ask lot of things about them. How can you help our community : (Self-explanatory) : I can help in Clan Wars, with my activity, in these times I started to play more Race, so I can usefull in this gamemode too. What gamemode do you prefer : (DM / DD / Shooter/ etc.) DM/HDM/RACE How can we contact you : (skype, discord, facebook.) Discord: AreliX#6613 Skype,Facebook: PM me and I will send it. Additional information : (Add something here that you think will be useful to help us to decide for you.) First of all, I want to ask, my English knowledge isn't the best, sorry about it. Secondly, I think some of you guys know, since the clan got opened my little "dream" to join into it. It's one thing that mine patience isn't that good, I can't wait for a thing for (long time). That was a mistake when I joined aQ, some of you telled me things about it. But I'm really about I really like iV, because of friends, and about the atmosphere. And if you have to question about me can you naturally PM me at Discord. I hope you enjoyto read it. Happy New Year. Best Regards, AreliX.
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    What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : - Hey there! My name is Victor also known as Coronet in-game. I'm 21 years old living in a small village in the city Orel. Currently i'm playing computer games and watching anime movies. Besides that, I graduated from college as a public worker a year ago. Well, I'm friendly and responsable person. My main priorities are based on looking for mature behaviour at forum and in the server. How long you've been in MTA : First, I started playing SAMP on different servers but SAMP was boring for me and I started looking for something similar to GTA with multiplayer and found MTA. I started playing MTA in 2011. The very first server of my career was Ownage Owls. I was impressed with DM mode and started playing it. Then I found Twisted Gamers server and joined the clan, I liked the TG atmosphere very much back then. A few months after started learning mapping and finished my first map. After 2 years spent in TG I decided to leave simply because lost interest. The next clan was Zurio. I was glad when I got accepted into this clan, most of the clan was filled of professionals in their own matters but unfortunately the clan closed. The next clan was Empire of Riders. I stayed in it awhile but the founder decided to close the clan a few weeks after but it was nice to meet new people there. The last clan I've been in was Unlimited Power, met interesting people there as well with whom still having a good attitude with them now. After the clan closed, I've been inactive because of work. Have you been in any clans : Twisted Gamers//Left-(There was no activity on the part of developers) Zurio//Closed Empire of Riders//Closed Unlimited Power//Left/Closed Why you'd like to join Intravenous : - My choice is simple, forum looks nice and modern. I can say about the intentions of the clan, I want to be a part of this community and help any way I can and do everything possible to help. I'm always able to help with designs. How can you help our community : - Well, as an experienced designer and creative person with good imagination I can help you to make new designs. I'm not bad at mapping too though. What gamemode do you prefer : DM How can we contact you : Discord/Coronet#8924 Additional information : (If you want check my designs msg me on discord) Thank you for reading.
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    1.What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : Hello my name is Hamid, my nickname is #M4L3Z!^,I am from Russia,I am 15 years old and spend more time at the computer, play games 2.How long you've been in MTA : My story begins with the fact that I was a simple boy who did not understand what the MTA,Yes,I could not even understand how to install it,it was in 15 year.I started watching different videos on YouTube, then I realized how to install MTA,my first server was SKC,I liked it all I found there my friends from real life, and found new ones.In 16 year I moved on BPAN,I has been stymied on different server, on all servers BPAN I spent 1 year.At 17, I got the BPAN and I started looking for DM servers.I found Secret Race, I really liked the server and I started looking for something like a forum,and I still found it.I watched various topics on the forum and found a Join Request,I didn't know what it is and started to ask the leader(Futoro).He explained that this application for admission to the clan,then I started writing all that was in the form of the attach request.I was accepted and I spent in this clan for only 3 months(for me it is very little).I started looking for new servers and found TfF.He spent less than 4 months on it.Now same I found \\V(Vultaic) and play on it every day. 3.Have you been in any clans : SR|Secret Race|Kicked|Member. ReV//Revenge of Racers|Closed|Member. -sH//Shimmershade|Closed|Member. nG//National Gaming|Left|Member. 4. Why you'd like to join Intravenous : I just need a clan.I am very positive.I like your clan.I want to get acquainted with the clan and its members. 5.How can you help our community : I can help with problems (to a greater extent something to suggest or explain) 6.What gamemode do you prefer : DM,HDM. 7.How can we contact you : Discord:M4L3Z!^#3893 Skype:live:nexachikx
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    Hello everyone, this is my application to the clan. What´s your nickname(s), age and Location : My name is Maxim Kuzmenko in the game Brandy , I am 20 years old living in Ukraine, Kiev. How long you've been in MTA : (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) I started my career in 2012 on SKC server. For a couple of months I played on this server and learned to play, at least the basics, I also found my first clan with the name fH. I was bored playing on it and I found a more playable server [DDAS] on this server I played somewhere for 1-2 years, but the server became inactive and I had to change the place of the game, and I started playing on TfF server. I played on it for a long time but it also became inactive after opening #ER server. Of course, I started to play on it, and I found many friends with whom I communicate now. There were such moments when I took a break in the game, for reasons of personal life or a computer crash, but I always returned to the game. Well, naturally I played on it until it was closed and everyone returned to TfF server again. Well, now I played on Vultaic server and I can completely say that it suits me. Throughout this time I was in many clans, I will write about them below. P.S. I forgot to write that I still played on SHC server , about half a year, it was a good and friendly clan, thanks guys. Have you been in any clans : (Name them and mention the reasons you left): nTL - Closed / Member Korn - Closed / Member sZ! - Closed / Clan War Manager nFw - Closed / Member AiR - Closed / Member VIP - Left / Member SHC - Left / Member fH - Left / Member Why you'd like to join Intravenous : (Tell us a few reasons why you want to join us.) One of the reasons, because in this clan my friends, an active and new clan, are gaining popularity, I want to be part of it. How can you help our community : (Self-explanatory) Active, good friendly player, can help in clan war, create good memes What gamemode do you prefer : (DM / DD / Shooter/ etc.) I most love to play DM/HDM mode but I'm also not bad at Hunter How can we contact you : (skype, discord, facebook.) Discord - brandy404#2493 Skype - infentus.maks Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
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    I love what you did with this forum, it shows potential to be honest, same as you guys. Wish you the best.
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    My first map ! There is no awesome comments, becaue it was my first attempt to mapping scene, maybe there is many mistakes and bugs ! The first one never forgets
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    Good JR bro! Good luck ;)
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    The forum seems pretty good! Good job guys
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